The Snoezelen Ball is a sensory aid designed to help children with hypersensitivity tolerate distressing stimuli through the use of graduated exposure therapy. The Snoezelen Ball reacts to movement (shakes, tosses, taps) by playing a sound, vibrating and/or lighting up. These auditory, tactile and visual stimuli are initially produced at a low intensity, becoming more aggressive as the user develops a tolerance to the ball's reactions. This gradual intensification systematically desensitizes the user and helps them overcome issues with sensory integration.

Connect the Snoezelen Ball to a computer using the USB port to completely control every aspect of the device.

The name of this sensory aid is derived from "snoezelen rooms"--multisensory environments (usually small rooms) designed to comfort children with developmental disabilities by using lighting effects, abstract decorations and soothing sounds. Snoezelen rooms provide a calm atmosphere for children and are a key tool for overcoming sensory disorders. The Snoezelen Ball aims to replicate the effects of snoezelen rooms in a compact form. The ball is a great solution for parents who do not have the financial resources to create or gain access to snoezelen facilities. Also, the Snoezelen Ball's customization features allow for precise adjustment that can conform to each child's specific needs. These modifications allow for an optimal experience for a wide range of individuals with hypersensitivity disorders.

This design concept was chosen as a top entry in the Design Sense International Design Competition held by Easter Seals Southwest Florida.