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Sunnyside Triptych

Unused Sunnyside Triptych assetsUnused Sunnyside Triptych assetsUnused Sunnyside Triptych assets


After living in Sunnyside for two years, I wanted to pay tribute to what I think is the perfect neighborhood: it's safe, affordable, diverse, close to the city, and always sunny... (ok, it gets cloudy occasionally)

I made this video to show the quaint beauty and quiet, local feel of Sunnyside. Walking around to get all of the shots was a great way to learn about the area.

"Sunnyside is an island. It's surrounded by commercial, railroad, graveyard, highway." -Joe Cavallo, Sunnyside resident since 1960 (pictured left)

Film Style

A triptych is any multi-panel work consisting of three sections. I chose this layout because I think displaying three different scenes together simulates what it's like to walk around an urban neighborhood: there's often a lot going on--too much to take in all at once--and you tend to notice things that you weren't previously aware of as you pass through again and again.

The video consists entirely of shots filmed on an iPhone in portrait orientation. I positioned the clips three-wide to form a "normal" horizontal video frame size. This turned out to be a great way to expand the field of view of the camera, as seen in the multiple tri-panorama shots throughout the video.

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